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Israel: Tourists Concerned, But Not Cancelling Over Gaza Crisis

By Larry Habegger and Laurie Weed | Permalink | No Comments | November 21st, 2012 | Trackback

Concerned by the recent Gaza missile crisis, some tourists may be thinking twice about visiting Israel right now, but tour operators on the ground report business as usual and few, if any, cancellations due to security issues—though new bookings have reportedly slowed down. The Israel Minister of Tourism has maintained that conditions are “normal” and tourism is not currently affected. However, the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv has issued a security alert to its citizens, and the U.S. Dept. of State has had a travel warning in place for the West Bank and Gaza since August. Travelers who are currently in Israel or have trips scheduled in the near term should consult with their tour operators or consulate for the most recent security information.

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