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Australia: Government Warns of Wild Dingoes at Fraser Island

By Larry Habegger and Dani Burlison | Permalink | No Comments | December 20th, 2013 | Trackback

The Queensland Department of National Parks issued a safety alert for Fraser Island, citing the presence of young dingoes, Australia’s wild dogs. The department said that because juvenile dingoes are learning pack rules and often show aggression, they will try to dominate people visiting their habitat, especially children. The alert also noted that as the young animals are learning survival habits, it is especially important for visitors not to feed or interact with them. The young dogs appear playful and cute, but they can be very aggressive. Parents should stay within arm’s reach of children and even small teenagers at all times. Over the years, there have been numerous incidents with dingoes on Fraser Island, usually because people have ignored parks department warnings.

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