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Balkan Region: UN Report Calls Balkans One of Europe’s Safest Places

Date: June 4th, 2008 | No Comments

According to a UN report, the Balkan region is now one of the safest in Europe. The report found that this region that was wracked by violence and war in the 1990s now has lower rates of homicide, robbery and rape than Western Europe. Of the nine countries in the study—Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, [read more]


Date: August 13th, 2002 | No Comments

Macedonian police report that attacks against motorists have been occurring almost daily on the road between Tetovo and Gostivar. Incidents include shootings, car-jackings and robberies. Most of the attacks have occurred at night, prompting the U.S. Embassy in Skopje to declare the road off-limits to all staff for personal travel, and to permit official travel [read more]


Date: June 12th, 2001 | No Comments

Conflict between Albanian rebels and Macedonian armed forces has escalated and was on the brink of becoming a full-blown war until a cease-fire was reached June 11. Much of the northwestern part of the country has been affected by the hostilities, and the capital city of Skopje is being threatened. Travel should be avoided in [read more]


Date: May 30th, 2001 | No Comments

Clashes between security forces and Albanian rebels have intensified recently and may prompt the government to declare a state of war, which could create a backlash among ethnic Albanians and further destabilize the country. Incidents of ethnic violence have already occurred in Bitola and Skopje. Travel to the areas near the Kosovo, Serbia and Albania [read more]

Europe: Extreme Weather Plagues Britain, Continent

Date: July 25th, 2007 | No Comments

Extreme weather is plaguing Europe, with England suffering its worst floods in 60 years and intense heat contributing to forest fires in southern Italy and across the Balkan peninsula. Romania saw temperatures above 100 for seven straight days, while a fast-moving brush fire drove thousands of tourists out of hotels and campsites to the beaches [read more]


Date: July 31st, 2001 | No Comments

Conflict between ethnic Albanian rebels and Macedonian forces has raged and ebbed in recent weeks with an on-again off-again cease-fire and continuing negotiations for peace. There is no guarantee that the cease-fire will hold or peace talks will be successful, and significant anti-foreigner anger has spilled out on the streets of Skopje, with protests at [read more]


Date: May 30th, 2001 | No Comments

Conflict along the border with Kosovo intensified in the past two weeks, raising fears that the Kosovo Albanian offensive could engulf the area in fighting and spread to other parts of the Balkans. Travel to border areas, to Tetovo, and to the area north of Tetovo and Skopje and west of Kumanovo, should b [read more]

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