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North Korea

North Korea: Detained War Veteran Returns to U.S.

Date: December 13th, 2013 | No Comments

American Korean War Veteran Merrill Newman returned home Dec. 7 after being held as a war criminal for more than 40 days in Pyongyang. Newman was detained after completing a 10-day guided tour and removed from his home-bound flight in North Korea’s capital when he was suspected of illegal activity. The U.S. Department of State [read more]

North Korea: U.S. Tourist Detained While on Vacation

Date: December 20th, 2012 | No Comments

A Korean-American tourist who was visiting the country on a five-day tour has been detained, possibly because he took photographs of some of the thousands of homeless, starving children in the north, hoping to publicize their plight. Details of the case have been impossible to confirm, since the notoriously secretive government refuses to confirm or [read more]

North Korea: Foreign Tourists Allowed to Keep Cell Phones

Date: January 23rd, 2013 | No Comments

Authorities have always been quick to confiscate cell phones, smart phones, GPS units and tablets from foreign tourists at Pyongyang airport or at the border, and return them to their owners only upon departure. However, a foreign tour group recently reported being allowed to keep their cell phones, even using them within the country for [read more]

North Korea: Travel Restrictions May Be Easing

Date: November 21st, 2012 | No Comments

Although not exactly welcoming visitors with open arms, the government may be relaxing some of its tourism restrictions, making it easier for foreigners to visit. Radio Free Asia reports that in recent months, immigration and tourism officials seem to be approving tourist visas within days instead of weeks, easing strict policies against tour photography, and [read more]

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