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Insurgent violence

Turkey: Kidnappers Release British Tourist Unharmed

Date: June 6th, 2012 | No Comments

A British tourist was released unharmed after being abducted from a passenger bus and held by members of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), a militant separatist group that is considered to be terrorists by the Turkish government. The young Briton, believed to be in his 30s, was en route to the Black Sea coast when [read more]

Philippines: Government says Country Safe for Tourists

Date: January 11th, 2012 | No Comments

Despite a recent travel warning from the U.S. State Department, the Philippine government insists that the country is safe for tourists. In fact, the travel warning was released on the same day that the Philippine Department of Tourism revealed its new slogan: “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said that [read more]

Philippines: Hotel Bombed in Turbulent South

Date: November 30th, 2011 | No Comments

Islamic militants are believed to be behind a hotel bomb that killed 3 and left 27 injured in Zamboanga City in the troubled southern region of Mindanao. Many of the victims were guests of a wedding set to be held Nov. 28. The group responsible is believed to be the al-Qaida linked Abu Sayyaff militants [read more]

Yemen: State Department Warns Against Travel to Yemen

Date: June 6th, 2011 | No Comments

The U.S. State Department issued a warning advising against all travel to Yemen because of high terrorist threat levels and civil unrest. Some non-emergency government employees as well as all eligible family members of U.S. government employees have been ordered to leave. Citizens in the country are urged to avoid all protests, even if they [read more]

Philippines: Bombings in Southern Islands Stop U.N. Food Distribution

Date: July 8th, 2009 | No Comments

A series of bombings in the southern Philippines prompted the U.N. to suspend food distribution to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by violence and caused police to step up security around state offices in Manila. The bombings occurred in Cotabato City and Iligan on Mindanao and on Jolo island. No one claimed responsibility for [read more]

Mali: Swiss Citizen Kidnapped in Timbuktu

Date: April 18th, 2012 | No Comments

A Swiss woman was abducted in Timbuktu, a city seized by Islamists following the recent coup in the country. Local reports identified the woman as a Christian who had lived in Timbuktu for years and was active in the community. The Swiss government advised its citizens—as did the U.S. State Department—to consider leaving the country [read more]

Israel: Border Region with Lebanon sees Rockets, Artillery Fire

Date: November 30th, 2011 | No Comments

Tensions are once again high along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into Israel, instigating rounds of artillery shells in response from the Israelis. While the exchange was relatively small considering the history of the region, it marked the end of two years of quiet along the notoriously volatile border region. It [read more]

Philippines: Bombing in South causes Thousands to Flee

Date: October 27th, 2011 | No Comments

Thousands of people fled three remote towns in Zamboanga Sibugay province on Mindanao in the southern Philippines as the army continued its offensive against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Fighting in the south has been occurring for the past 30 years despite efforts to reach a lasting settlement between the army and militant groups. [read more]

India: Kashmir Violence Down

Date: September 2nd, 2009 | No Comments

Violence in Kashmir has dipped to a record low since the beginning of the Muslim separatist insurgency in 1989, and tourist numbers are approaching the level of the pre-revolt period. Before the troubles began, more than 700,000 tourists visited the fabled mountain region annually, but tourism plummeted with the violence. Tourist numbers have steadily increased [read more]

Thailand: Possible Cease-Fire in Troubled South?

Date: July 23rd, 2008 | No Comments

After four and a half years and some 3,000 deaths, a glimmer of hope for a resolution of the Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand appeared via a spokesman claiming to represent all of the main militant groups. He announced a unilateral cease-fire and claimed that anyone who continued the violent struggle would be considered a [read more]

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