A Focus On Asia And Its Beautiful Travel Destinations

I was always curious about Asia and the countries within this continent. Apart from being considered as the largest continent, I was captivated by the magnificence of every culture based on how they are usually portrayed in movies.

But my perception has totally changed the moment I visited Asian countries. And I’m not saying this in a negative sense for I can truly attest that there’s really more to it than Samurai swords and chop sticks; more than noodles and sushi; and most definitely more than Buddhas and Kpop music!

Chinatown Arc - Davao City, Philippines

Photo: skyscrapercity.com

And so in this article, I’m going to feature some of the best travel destinations in Asia based on the places I’ve visited to give you a glimpse of the culture and what you can expect when you get there.

Davao City, Philippines – Located in Mindanao, the largest island of the Philippines, the city was recently put into spotlight because of the election of Rodrigo Duterte to presidency who also happened to be the Mayor and a resident of this city since 1987. This was the very reason why I visited the city in 2016, but actually I can cite other reasons why you have to go to Davao City:

  • The city is indeed safe that tourists can even roam the streets in the middle of the night without getting mugged.
  • Friendly and hospitable locals
  • A perfect harmony of Christians, Muslims, and indigenous tribes
  • Lots of beautiful and inexpensive beaches within the city or the nearby island (Samal)
  • Exotic fruits: Durian, Pomelo, Mangosteen, Lansones
Temple Of The Emerald Buddha - Bangkok, Thailand

Photo: hdtimelapse.net

Bali, Indonesia – “Heaven on earth”, these are the exact words my fellow tourists said when I asked them to describe Bali. The island itself was not really known to foreigners, but once you get there you’ll be amazed at the stunning display of volcanoes wrapped in green trees and magnificent pagodas along the sandy shoreline. Moreover, the waves are also perfect for surfing. So it’s a definite destination for beach bums and surfers alike.

Bangkok, Thailand – This city is a healthy mixture of both the past the present. Where can you find an ancient temple surrounded by endless strips of shopping malls? This is what you can expect once you get in this part of Asia. And if you’re a type of person who loves to roam at night, Bangkok is a surefire place where you can enjoy nonstop nightlife.

Kyoto, Japan – This is the place to be if you want to experience an authentic feel of what it’s like to live in ancient Japan.  I’ve always been amazed with the mystery behind Japanese culture and so I did not miss out on a chance to include Kyoto in my travel bucket list. And thankfully enough, I got more because I also get to enjoy their arts and their version of Japanese food!

Old City Street - Kyoto, Japan

Photo: botiquejapan.com

Singapore – Dubbed as one of the cleanest cities in the whole world, Singapore is a prosperous country city with a delightful mixture of different cultures. It’s like being in different places in one area for you can experience Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian cultures whichever you like. And the best part about this is the food! I surely had a wonderful time trying out their gastronomic cuisines! So if you want to experience a perfect travel from an immaculate and pristine city, then Singapore is a perfect destination for you…