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China: New Rules on H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Call for 7-Day Quarantine of Arriving Passengers

By Larry Habegger | Permalink | No Comments | June 3rd, 2009 | Trackback

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing reported new Chinese government regulations for controlling H1N1 Influenza (commonly called swine flu). Authorities recommend that travelers arriving from countries with cases of the flu quarantine themselves on arrival for seven days. For most travelers to China’s major cities this is not required, but local authorities in some places are being very cautious and are imposing these quarantines on all American travelers hosted by Chinese institutions such as universities. All flights from affected countries are being segregated at specific gates. Prior to deplaning temperature readings are taken of all passengers with temperature scanners that do not touch the body. Additional scanning may occur inside the terminal. If there are any suspected cases of infection on a flight, all passengers and crew will be quarantined until health officials decide what to do. This could mean simply filling out a medical “Quarantine Card” at the airport, or more seriously, being taken to a local hospital or hotel for up to seven days’ quarantine. To read the full U.S. Embassy announcement, see

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