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Religious uprising

India: Security Forces Deployed to Uttar Pradesh

Date: September 12th, 2013 | No Comments

Clashes left at least 30 dead and prompted the deployment of thousands of police officers and army troops to Northern India Sept. 9. The violence flared after the Aug. 27 killing of two Hindu youths about 80 miles north of New Delhi, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Nearly 5,000 farmers gathered to demand justice [read more]

Nigeria: Christmas Bombing Sparks Fear of Religious War

Date: December 28th, 2011 | No Comments

The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, which is suspected of having ties to al-Qaeda, has claimed a series of Christmas day bombings that left more than 30 people dead as Christian leaders warn of escalating violence and the possibility of religious war. Nigeria is divided roughly along religious lines, with the north being predominantly Muslim [read more]

India: Curfew Imposed in Hyderabad Over Communal Violence

Date: March 31st, 2010 | No Comments

Three days of Hindu-Muslim clashes that erupted over an argument about flags for a religious festival caused two deaths, at least 80 injuries and a curfew in Hyderabad, a city in South India where global technology companies have a major presence. The riots took place in the old city away from the technology centers, but [read more]

Thailand: Possible Cease-Fire in Troubled South?

Date: July 23rd, 2008 | No Comments

After four and a half years and some 3,000 deaths, a glimmer of hope for a resolution of the Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand appeared via a spokesman claiming to represent all of the main militant groups. He announced a unilateral cease-fire and claimed that anyone who continued the violent struggle would be considered a [read more]


Date: November 11th, 2003 | No Comments

In volatile Gujarat state, still tense from Hindu-Muslim violence last year that killed more than 1,000 people, the most innocuous incident can spark tragedy. In the town of Viramgam, about 35 miles west of Ahmedabad, three Muslims were killed and at least 37 injured recently when a cricket ball hit by a Muslim youth flew [read more]

Burma: Violent Clashes in Kanbalu

Date: September 1st, 2013 | No Comments

Simmering tensions between the Buddhist majority and Islamic minority erupted in violence Aug. 25. The conflict began when police in Kanbalu, about 500 miles north of Rangoon, refused to hand over a Muslim man accused in an attempted rape of a Buddhist woman, and spread to at least three other towns. Buddhist mobs rioted, setting [read more]

Kuwait: Public Gatherings Banned to Prevent Sectarian Strife

Date: September 22nd, 2010 | No Comments

Authorities banned all public gatherings in an effort to head off sectarian strife between its majority Sunni Muslims and minority Shiites as tensions flared over an exiled Kuwaiti Shiite’s comments allegedly disparaging the Prophet Mohammed’s wife, Aisha. Violators of the ban could face two years in prison. Several Sunni groups had planned demonstrations to demand [read more]

India: Killing of Sikh Cleric in Vienna Sparked Riots in Punjab

Date: May 27th, 2009 | No Comments

The killing of a Sikh leader in an attack in Vienna May 24 sparked two days of rioting in the Punjab, which abated May 26 after a curfew was imposed and security forces came out in force. The violence shut down much of the rail traffic that passes through the state, stranding thousands of passengers. [read more]

Worldwide: Muslim Anger over Muhammad Cartoons

Date: February 7th, 2006 | No Comments

Muslim anger over Danish political cartoons depicting Muhammad has produced demonstrations in countries from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. Some of these protests have turned violent, with at least five deaths and the burning of the Danish and Norwegian Embassies in Damascus and the destruction of the Danish [read more]


Date: October 7th, 2003 | No Comments

Muslim-Christian tensions are increasing because radical Muslims are using “comparative preaching” to denigrate Christianity in what observers feel is a deliberate attempt to incite religious fervor in this roughly 50-50 Muslim-Christian country. “Comparative preaching,” a style in which the preacher holds the Bible in one hand and the Koran in the other and criticizes Christianity [read more]

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